Reflections on Racism (Ethnocentricity)

For all practical purposes, Rose and I pretty much stopped going to the movie theater a couple years ago. Even though we paid the seniors discounted price, it was just too expensive! I just couldn’t justify paying those prices. However, just before Christmas, I ordered cards from I had seen Facebook posts from a number […]

Chronicle of an Ocular Crisis

I never thought that Thanksgiving Week would be like this. Disclaimer: I write these lines mainly as a personal catharsis. If you begin to read these lines, but later tire of the detail narrated herein, I will certainly not think less of you, even if you should tell me. I write these lines, first and foremost, for […]

The “I Love Oils” Video Competition

My Son is an Excellent Videographer My son, Greg, is one crafty dude! And he’s good at his craft! His wife (by the way, I’m pretty certain that today is their anniversary) . . . Happy Anniversary, guys! I picked out the card especially for you, Emily! Anyway, as I was saying (before I interrupted […]

Some Random Thoughts on Technology

I have a trip to Chile planned for this summer. I’ll be teaching a course on OT History through the Instituto Bíblico Iberoamericano. I also plan to have some workshops designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Logos Bible Software for Chileans. I have been a user of computer technology for over 30 years, specifically using software aimed […]

Random Good Friday Reflections

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted anything. This will be random, but perhaps those interested in me will see it, and read it. I’ll have a number of headers, under which my thoughts will be quite random indeed. Reflections on the Work of Christ This semester, I have been teaching the […]

Sammy Sosa’s HR total from 1998

As all 3 readers of my blog are aware, this past summer (starting on June 24, or on July 1, depending of how the date is calculated), I embarked on a personal journey of a reboot of my nutritional intake. You can go to the top of this blog to read past entries, if you are […]