Messing Around with ChatGPT (AI)

I used to fancy myself as somewhat of an analyzer of cultural trends. Now maybe I am just facing the music of my own age. I still have tendencies toward workaholism (just ask my wife!), but I am selective in my investigations. I depend upon others to keep me somewhat informed. My old college roommate, […]

A nostalgic trip across Interstate 90

I wondered just what to title this post. In my mind, the nostalgia has to do with my driving today (Wednesday, July 27). I started on Interstate 90 at its western terminus on Monday. On Monday and Tuesday I drove from Seattle to Gillette, Wyoming. The nostalgia comes from the section covered today (just shy […]

I Can See Clearly Now . . .

For the last several years I have been reading through the Greek New Testament once a year. I happen to follow a calendar for a Facebook group called Greek & Hebrew One-Year Bible Reading Group. It has been a blessing to me. Though I have read the New Testament many times, in at least 3 […]

I’m a white guy from the inner city (A Great Cloud of Witnesses)

“The heroes behind us inspire the race before us.” Wow! Yesterday was MLK Day, which postponed the start of our semester at Ozark Christian College. Today was our first chapel service of the semester. The message was shared by our president, Matt Proctor, and one of our professors, Matthew McBirth. Matthew McBirth is bi-racial, and […]

My Glory and the Lifter of my Head

We attended worship today at the church in Mount Vernon, Missouri where my son, Greg, has been the worship leader for about the last 8 years. They will be launching out into a new local ministry of sorts. He did a masterful job. It was a blessing to be there and to participate in worship […]

A Reminder of my Father

I miss my Dad, though it’s been sixteen and a half years since he passed on to glory. He was a solid minister of the gospel for over 50 years. He surprised me when he retired. When I was younger, I thought that my Dad would never retire! He lived about 10 years after retirement, and […]

Reflections on Racism (Ethnocentricity)

For all practical purposes, Rose and I pretty much stopped going to the movie theater a couple years ago. Even though we paid the seniors discounted price, it was just too expensive! I just couldn’t justify paying those prices. However, just before Christmas, I ordered cards from I had seen Facebook posts from a number […]

Chronicle of an Ocular Crisis

I never thought that Thanksgiving Week would be like this. Disclaimer: I write these lines mainly as a personal catharsis. If you begin to read these lines, but later tire of the detail narrated herein, I will certainly not think less of you, even if you should tell me. I write these lines, first and foremost, for […]