Grading is almost done!! Woohoo!

I’ve worked all day grading stray papers that didn’t get graded earlier. I now have just a small stack left to grade. If I get up early tomorrow, I may get it done. I also have to assign grades for online workbook exercises my Spanish I class did. I’ll use a spreadsheet to average grades for completed assigned online exercises. I use the first year Spanish textbook titled Viva, published by Vista Higher Learning. That textbook has an online component for lab exercises hosted on Quia’s website.

Tomorrow Rose and I are going to Branson. We can check into our condo at 12 noon instead of 4 PM. We will go to the Showboat Branson Belle tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM. I think the last time we went was June of 2000.

I started reading a book the Matt Stafford gave me, written by a Cuban ministering in the Kansas City area:
Cabrera, Leonardo (2004). Libre Entre Rejas. Twickenham, UK. Cabrera was unjustly imprisoned in Cuba for preaching the Gospel.

Ricoblog has an interesting post today about Textual Criticism.

Until later!

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