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Reboot Summer 2013

Over the last several years, I have had an up-and-down experience with my weight. I would gain weight, then lose it. I’ve often joked (somewhat morbidly), that I have lost over 500 pounds. I was aware that I really needed to do something. Rose has been doing Nutrisystem since March (thanks too help from our daughter, Charissa), and has lost A LOT(!!) of weight, but I, sadly, just kept on eating, and was getting fatter and fatter. Even tying my shoes got to be laborious. I don’t remember ever having difficulty getting out of a chair, but was embarrassed last week, when I had difficulty getting out of a chair at my Mom’s place.

Rose has been after me to do something. Usually, when I put my mind to it, I do very well. I had watched some of Joe Cross’ 2010 documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead but I wanted Rose to watch it with me, so I got it from the Joplin Public Library (thanks, Jacque), and we watched it. It made sense to me. I was not as heavy as Joe Cross was in the film, nor do I have the ailments that he had, but I was inspired. I was also inspired (even more so) by Phil Staples’ story.

I started thinking about doing a juice fast, like in the documentary. Rose had done Nutrisystem, while I did other things, so I figured I could do my own thing, while she continues to eat sensibly. Still, I was kind of scared of the whole veggie juice thing. I called Suzanne’s Health Food about trying a yuckie vegetable juice, and even went there to get one. They actually closed a few minutes ahead of the time they told me they would close. When I saw on their board that their yuckie juices cost $7.50, I was kind of glad that they were closed.

As I was contemplating this, I visited the whole food health store, recently opened by the parents of a former student of mine, Get Real Whole Food, in Webb City. When I walked in the store, there was my former student. I asked her about the juicing thing, and she said that her mother had tried it. She called her mother out, and I talked to her about it. She said that it was a good detox, but was “a bit intense,” and she didn’t recommend it unless one had been eating sensibly before starting it. I told her that I had been on the “See Food Diet” (you know, whatever food I saw, I would eat). She said that before trying the juice fast, it would be better to start eating more sensibly.

I decided that I wanted to try it, but was kind of scared. On Monday, June 24, I stepped on the scale. I encountered the highest number I had ever seen on my scale. That motivated me to want to change something. I decided to go on a modification of the Fat Smash Dietwhich we had used in the past, at least in their first phase, of detox. I had a Diet Dr. Pepper in my refrigerator at work, which I drank (on Monday, June 24), but other than that, I eliminated caffeine from my diet (had headaches the first couple days), and ate only fruits, vegetables, and nuts. My plan was to start on a juice fast after one week of eating like that. From June 24 until June 29, I lost 7 pounds.

Still, I put off buying the juicer. I knew that I could order a juicer with Amazon Prime and get it in 1-2 days. The prices were right. I considered the cheaper Breville model, but read some negative reviews, which really made me inclined to get the more expensive one. I had a 20% off code Bed, Bath & Beyond had sent to my phone, but before I took the plunge, I bought some of the Naked Juice Green Machineof which the marketers say, “Looks weird; tastes amazing!” I bought a bottle. I didn’t think it looked weird; I thought it looked disgusting! But it did taste good. So, on Thursday, I used my 20% coupon and bought the Breville Juice Fountain PlusI took it home, and kept it in the box.

I’m writing this post on July 1, from our vacation spot in Branson, Missouri. I actually started my juice fast today. It hasn’t gone that badly. I got some recipes from others who had been inspired by Joe Cross’s video, so I would have an idea of what I was doing. Today, as far as nutritional intake, I had about a liter of juice that I made from carrots, cucumbers, and apples. I don’t feel hungry. The juice wasn’t that bad. I have had about 85 ounces of water, and several cups of Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea

Tomorrow I’ll try a fruitier variety, made from strawberries, kiwi, orange, and apple. Day after tomorrow, I’ll try Joe’s Mean Green Juicehaving my first try of kale.

I’m not sure how long I’ll do this, but I intend to do it for more than 10 or 15 days. We’ll see how well it goes. I won’t be able to weigh myself until Saturday (I usually like to weigh myself in the morning right after a workout and a shower), so that might make my first official weigh-in on Sunday, July 7. If that number encourages me, it will help me to keep going.

In Joe’s documentary (you can watch it for free on Hulu, online), he encountered lots of people who admitted that they needed to make a radical decision, but who said they lacked the willpower, saying things like “I could never do that.” Joe was seemingly distraught by people who wouldn’t even try it. He said something like (in good Aussie), “If you try it and only get through 5 or 6 days, ‘Good on you!'”

foodpyramid-large_6cc3b10b60ed2ac4ae1c00df27bdd8baLast week I also watched the film Forks over Knives (thanks again, Jacque). I understand that God allows the consumption of meat from the days of Noah (Genesis 9:2-4), but a diet mainly of fruits, vegetables and nuts seems healthier to me than the diet that I have followed for most of my life. We’ll see what happens with this summer’s radical decision.

I have been on cholesterol medication for the past 8-9 months, even though I knew that my cholesterol was high (for literally years I have had too much of the bad cholesterol and too little of the good kind). I think I should find a substantial change in my cholesterol after following this diet for a while.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., is featured in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. He has an alternative food pyramid to that which is commonly used in the United States. The basis of his pyramid is plant-based foods. Should this radical decision work well for me, my plan would be to adapt my eating habits along those lines.

5 thoughts on “Radical Decision

  1. Hi Dave, I too was on the “see food diet” and surprise surprise it was not working for me aether. My whole life I have always believed in making changes before something becomes a problem. Concerning my weight I was a bit slow. My M.K. mentality does not help: Don’t waist anything. I went to Chile in January of 2013 and seeing some of my old friends and family, and the majority of them all commented in some way or another how “healthy” I looked. My mum did not beat around the bush. She just told me I needed to loose weight. I am not big but I do carry some unnecessary pounds. I started to be a lot more conscious about my intake. The main thing I have changed is I drink water all day and I try to drink a large glass of H2O before each meal. I have stopped drinking soda or all sorts, yes, Dr P also. I may have a small glass know and then only if I have to. Diet drinks have all kinds of artificial crap that is worse for you in the long run. I also have been eating fruits like crazy, up to six apples in one sitting. I had to cut back because there also. I am going to watch that documentary, Joe’s documentary. I’ve always wanted to try the juicing diet. I have, in the last month, just started to drink an all natural general wellness drink that I have to brew. I am not one of thees people that try most all health wellness or natural remedies. This I was recommended and I researched enough to convince myself. Don’t just take my word on this, research it yourself and you will see that Esseac Tea is worth taking. I have my mum on it in Scotland and others. She is taking it in pill form which if I had found first, I would have gone that route. The site where I would get it is:http://www.natureshealthcompany.com/esk.htm. Esseac may be spelled in different ways or called by a different name. Ojibwa is the same formula as the original Esseac. The original formula was comprised of four herbs and Ojibwa is just that. The Essiac Tea I have know has eight herbs, as I understand.

  2. Good for you David. My David has lived with weight watchers for years and been very successful at it. However, it never worked for me. If I don’t put a radical, limited for plan in my life I eat ALL day long. Hope it works for you. I’ll be watching your progress!

  3. Thanks for the transparent post David. I hope that this will be a great, even radical, decision for you. Would be very difficult for me to give up my grilled hamburgers but not impossible. Wishing you the best.

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