Notwithstanding Jeremiah Wright’s Ethnomusicology, This is BEAUTIFUL!

This is beautiful . . .

Now, what does that have to do with Jeremiah Wright? Here is the back story.

Back in early 2008, some of the most Jeremiah Wright’s most strident remarks after the 9/11 terrorist attack in NYC and Washington DC surfaced. They were thought to hurt Senator Barack Obama’s chances at the Democratic nomination for president, and Pastor Wright was kindly “invited” to disappear from public notice.

I was surprised on April 28, 2008, to see that Jeremiah Wright re-surfaced, as the keynote speaker for an NAACP fund raiser in Detroit. I caught his speech in the middle, and was “reeled in” quickly (pardon the Fish pun, please). I thought, I need to get this to use in my Anthropology class. His emphasis was this: different does not mean deficient; it simply means different. He spoke about learning theories, language, music, and even homiletics. I was pleased that the next hour, the news channels were going to replay his speech in its entirety, so I got my DVR ready, recorded the entire speech, and have played portions of it for my Anthropology classes each fall since then (I need to get some more up-to-date material, right?).

In one of his more fun little ploys, he compares western (classical) music to African American music. You can see a section on his speech here: FEEL FREE TO FAST FORWARD THIS VIDEO TO ABOUT 4:40 TO SEE THE ETHNOMUSICOLOGY PORTION.

This post has taken me about 3 days to write.


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