Long overdue update (notice how I think someone really cares)

Today is Day 43 of my Juice Fast. The other day Rose asked me, “Don’t you feel hungry?” The truth is that I don’t. This has been very easy for me. I even accompanied Rose and my Mom to IHOP a couple days ago (I took my juice with me). They ate a traditional breakfast meal with bacon and eggs, and had fancy waffles. I drank my juice. I was fine.

Thinking about being where others are eating, tomorrow night is the OCC Faculty/Staff & Families back to school night. It is scheduled to take place at Carousel Park in Joplin, where they have a bunch of rides for kids to ride. We invited our grandkids to come, but they have a “back to school” activity in Mount Vernon. Then the next day we have our Faculty Retreat, which always entails eating. I’ll have my juice. Then on the 19th, we have our Convocation Banquet. I’ll drink my juice in advance. I’ll go, but just drink some water. I don’t like cheesecake anyway.

I never reported back on the results of my blood work. If the doctor read the report, he never called me about it. Nearly a week after I had the blood taken (four days after the doc received them, and never followed up on my call about the results—-Grrrrrrrr!), I went by to inquire about them. I was told that he hadn’t had a chance to read them yet (he received them on Thursday; this was Monday). They gave me a copy of them. Granted, I am a lay person, but I can see the numbers, and can align them with normal ranges printed on the report.

(Nearly) everything was normal. Most of my cholesterol numbers were in normal range. The composite number for the cholesterol was LOW (121, where as the normal range starts at 125). Also, the HDL (good cholesterol) was lower than it should be, but only by 1 point (39, where normal range starts at 40). By the way, in the past 4-5 years, my HDL has never been that close to normal range. All of the other things on the report were within normal range.

So . . . my juice fast has gone well. I have energy. This morning I kicked up the treadmill to a level I had never done for a full 30 minutes, then I did yard work for about an hour (in the rain, partially). In short, I feel well.  I will plan to be on my Juice Fast through August 29, which takes us into the 2nd week of classes. On August 30, I will plan to eat a little solid food.

How much weight have I lost? As of this morning I am 50.8 lbs lighter than I was that fatefuly morning when I saw the largest number ever on my scale. Soli Deo Gloria!


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