2 Months Ago I Started Eating Sensibly: One Week Later I Started my Juice Fast

June 24th was the last time I drank any kind of soda pop. I only did it that day because I had some Diet Dr. Pepper in the refrigerator in my office. I enjoyed drinking it that day, but I really haven’t missed not drinking it. I suppose the first couple days, I was having caffeine withdrawals, and didn’t feel all that bad.

Right now, I am on Day 55 of my 60-Day Juice Fast. I feel well. 25 days ago, the numbers from my blood work showed that I was healthier than I have been for a long time. I think I will have more blood work done in about 2.5 weeks, and we’ll be able to compare progress since then.

I have lost 57 pounds since that fateful day (2 months ago today), when I saw the largest self-generated number of my entire life on a scale on which I was standing.



Now on Thursday, I’ll go to Norma’s Restaurant with my Life Group guys. I might take juice with me to drink, but I think I’ll probably just sit with them, watch them eat, drink water, and try to direct the conversation. Thursday will be Day 60 of my 60 day long juice fast.

I’ll eat some food on Friday, to go along with my juice (which I have grown to like). I will try to avoid processed foods of any kind, and be heavy on the veggies, a little less heavy on fruits, beans and legumes, and still less heavy on the stuff at the top of the pyramid. In short, I’ll plan to follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s approach from his book, Eat to Live, and his Nutritarian food pyramid (see the image).


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