Over a month “on the juice,” and I hit 40! (not HRs)

August 1, 2013 I’ve been “on the juice” for over a month now. Not the Biogenesis kind, so I anticipate no suspension from MLB. I’ve hit zero home runs since I started juicing. If you missed the back story, you can check it out here: Radical Decision, or the later updates. I weighed myself this morning, and I am […]

Radical Decision: Two Weeks In

Just a quick update. Today is Day 15 of my Juice Fast. I made it through my weekend seminar with no problems resisting the sweets. It was really pretty easy. I surprised even myself. If you were praying for me to be strong, thanks! I started juicing on July 1, but I started recording weight […]

Radical Decision (Day 10)

I thought it might be appropriate to write up a short report about my experience. I radically altered my dietary intake beginning on June 24 (mainly fruits & vegetables, drinking water–it almost sounds like Daniel 1:12). On July 1, I began a juice fast, making my own juices from raw produce, both fruit and vegetables, […]

Radical Decision Update (7 days in)

I’m writing this post as an update to my juice fast. If you missed the last post, I had my last soda pop on Monday, June 24 (as well as my last meat), as I was preparing for a juice fast (a la Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If you haven’t seen the documentary, I recommend it. […]

Radical Decision

Reboot Summer 2013 Over the last several years, I have had an up-and-down experience with my weight. I would gain weight, then lose it. I’ve often joked (somewhat morbidly), that I have lost over 500 pounds. I was aware that I really needed to do something. Rose has been doing Nutrisystem since March (thanks too […]

Tecnología y la Biblia

Mi hijo, Gregory, inspiró esta reflexión. Una de las cosas que él hace tiene que ver con Christian Media Magazine, donde ejerce como editor. No es una revista, propiamente tal, sino que se ha morfado (¿acabo de regresar a mi antigua costumbre de inventar palabras en español?) a una compilación de artículos que se publican […]

Rules vs Relationships

I’m kind of a private person, introverted to the point that being alone does not freak me out, but sociable enough to enjoy interactions. I’ve also lived a good number of years outside of the United States, speak a second language rather fluently (thinking and even dreaming in that language). I like to play my […]

2 Movies in 2 Days

2 First Run Movies in 2 Days We like to go to movies, but the last two days have been out of the ordinary for us. You see, normally I purchase SuperSavers, coupons to get into the movies at discounted prices, but we have to wait until the movies have been out for about a […]