P & T and Randomnity

Preaching & Teaching Convention. It has been very good. Yesterday I helped David Ferguson from Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL get set up for a workshop on Multi-site Churches. He has a very interesting blog, and other than being a White Sox fan, I found him to be a good guy. They are doing […]

P & T and Purpose Driven Life

This week OCC is sponsoring the annual Preaching-Teaching Convention. P & T is kind of like a homecoming. Our campus will be invaded by people from many parts of the U.S. Classes will not meet either on Tuesday or Wednesday, resuming Thursday morning. While we were on the mission field, there were about 18 years […]

Grandchildren–A Heritage from the LORD

I’m paraphrasing the Psalmist in the title of this post: 3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,the fruit of the womb a reward.The Holy Bible : English standard version. 2001 (Ps 127:3). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society. Eli (the one with the bucket for a hat) is almost 2 years old. Nathan (future first […]

Basketball, Baseball, Perspectives (Missions) & GNT

Basketball. Quin Snyder was a high profile signee as Norm Stewart’s successor as head coach of the Missouri Tigers. He was mentored by Coach K at Duke, and things looked great for MU’s upcoming basketball glory. Over the past few years, there was no small scandal, primarily involving transfer students from the College of Southern […]


Well, it’s IFW (that’s International Focus Week, for those of you in Río Linda). Since I am the professor of record for the Perspectives course, we continue in the same vein all week. Our guest speaker last night in Perspectives was Phil Luckett, affiliated with Bob Sjogren’s Unveiling Glory ministry. Wait, it’s not about Bob, […]

On Library Books (In-Print and Electronic)

Thirty years ago my wife and I embarked on a journey of missionary service. From 1976-1994, we made many trips back and forth. I have shipped items from here to there, and back several times (we took an extended furlough in the mid-1980s). My library is probably my most prized possession, and took top priority […]

Through Two Weeks of Classes

We have been in class now for two weeks, and I have let two weeks go by without adding any random thoughts to this blog. I decided that I would put something down here, so that the two people that occasionally look at this site would know that I am still alive. Classes that I […]

Weekend Reprieve Before Taking the Plunge

I’m writing these words (the term penning does not work here, since I have no pen in my hands) from the home of David & Jennie Smith in Allen, TX. Jennie is the oldest of my wife’s two sisters, and it is a bit scary how much alike the three of them are. Actually, the […]

Ready to Start Again, and Resolutions for the Upcoming Year

Well, I’ve taken some time off from my blogging. This year we had a four week hiatus between semesters, which I have enjoyed to the max. We have one more week before we start back. This semester, I will be teaching the following courses at OCC: Greek IB Spanish II Old Testament History II Cross-Cultural […]