The “I Love Oils” Video Competition

My Son is an Excellent Videographer

My son, Greg, is one crafty dude! And he’s good at his craft! His wife (by the way, I’m pretty certain that today is their anniversary) . . . Happy Anniversary, guys! I picked out the card especially for you, Emily!

Anyway, as I was saying (before I interrupted myself), Emily is pretty savvy with Essential Oils! She sells Young Living Essential Oils, and knows a lot about them. I recommend that you ask her about them. A coalition of Young Living Oils people, based out of the Kansas City area is sponsoring a video competition now. It would be good if the competition were based on the quality of the video entered, because then, my son’s video would have a good chance of winning. Alas, video quality has seemingly NOTHING to do with it. It is a popularity contest, based on how many likes a video gets on the specific page were it was first listed.

So . . . I intend to make it easy for you to get to the correct page on Facebook, to press the LIKE button that will help them win. I will make this entire still photo, taken from the video, a link to the proper Facebook page. At this writing, that page shows just under 300 likes. We want to get that number WAY UP THERE, so please help us, but clicking on the photo below, which should take you to the proper Facebook page, and then click LIKE. And by the way, watch the video, so your LIKE will be with integrity!


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