Radical Decision: Two Weeks In

Just a quick update. Today is Day 15 of my Juice Fast. I made it through my weekend seminar with no problems resisting the sweets. It was really pretty easy. I surprised even myself. If you were praying for me to be strong, thanks!

I started juicing on July 1, but I started recording weight and eating very sensibly on June 24. Since June 24 (my all-time high weight), I have lost 25.6 pounds. Soli Deo Gloria!

One thought on “Radical Decision: Two Weeks In

  1. Awesome, David. So glad to hear it. Have you determined how long you expect to stay on it? I have changed my eating habits dramatically in the last 3 weeks. No processed stuff. No sugar, etc. Tons of raw vegetables. I really like it. Don’t know if I have lost weight or not. I don’t have a scale!! I have seriously considered the juicing fast. I loved Joe Cross’s video. Anyway, good on you, mate!!!

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