I’ve been juicing for two months, have hit zero HRs, but my weight loss number is somewhere between Babe Ruth and Roger Maris

On July 1, I began an odyssey designed to bring my weight under control, and to get healthier. It really has been a delight. From July 1 until August 29, I consumed no solid food. My nutritional needs were met by drinking natural juices made from fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. Yesterday was Day 60 of an intentional 60-day juice fast.

Juicing is different from blending, but both are very healthy. About a month into my juicing, I burned out the motor on my juicer. It was under warranty, and was replaced. While I was waiting for the replacement juicer (only about 5 days), I used a Nutribullet, and created smoothies.

The way I understand the difference between juicing and blending is to compare it to the difference between an injection and  a time-release capsule. A centrigual juicer (like mine) creates a lot of pulp. Pulp can be used as compost, or it could be used in cooking. I just discarded it. There are lots of nutrients in the pulp, but the nutrients in the juice were quickly absorbed into my system. Using the Nutribullet, there was no pulp, as it blends everything together, even though it is necessary to add water (which I drank a lot of anyway). My favorite Nutribullet always includes a green leafy (spinach or kale), and some fruit. I particularly like the frozen fruit (source from fresh fruit, which I have frozen myself–as contrasted with frozen fruit processed and sold that way (I’m suspicious of the processing, added sugars, regardless of what the label says). So . . . for the last 30 days, it is better to say that I have been both juicing and blending, as since I got the Nutribullet, I have enjoyed frozen smoothies at breakfast. I haven’t been able to interest Rose in my green smoothies though.

Now as a life-long baseball fan, dating back to before the advent of PEDs, for me the single-season HR record either belongs to Babe Ruth, who hit 60 HRs in 1927, or to Roger Maris, who hit 61 in 1961 (that’s easy to remember). I haven’t hit any HRs since I’ve been on the juicebut my total weight loss is 60.6 pounds (since June 24, when I entered my 7-day long preparation phase for juicing).  Para los que viven al sur del Río Bravo, he bajado 27.5454545 kilos.

I had my green smoothie this morning, as has been my custom. For lunch, I went to our Faculty/Staff Luncheon. The menu for the lunch was Chicken Parmesan with penne Alfredo. I had a little of a prepared cucumber salad. I probably ate somewhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of a small cucumber, with a vinegar seasoning, along with some shredded carrot. I don’t know what else I may eat later today. I’ll spend the next week gradually transitioning into solid foods.

I feel pretty well. People who know what I have been doing have commented things like, “I could never do that.” In reality, it has been pretty easy. Desperation will do that for you. Right now I weight less than I did when I got married, but more than I did when we left Chile in 1994. I’d like to get midway between the 1994 weight and where I am right now.

The past 60 days have been easy. The difficult part begins today. I would welcome your prayers on my behalf.

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